Message from the Future Earth Advisory Committee

Message from the Future Earth Advisory Committee

The world is at a pivotal point where we either get traction on science for change, in a decade of transformation, or we continue to follow a path towards rising shocks and irreversible changes for people and planet, exacerbating extreme vulnerability for us and future generations. The COVID-19 crisis is a manifestation of the non-linear world of the Anthropocene, where globalization of travel, trade, and economies, intertwined with climate change and biosphere degradation, form a deadly

cocktail translating global risks into real shocks.

The pandemic provides a preview of the scope and scale of response measures needed for unexpected extreme events, and proves our inability to rise up to the challenge as a world community. This is a deep lesson, as we are likely to face similar global shocks due to climate change and other planetary stressors. The complex, integrated nature of the world we live in today implies that such impacts are likely to be unlimited by borders and solutions must be inclusive, cross-disciplinary, and multi-lateral.

Future Earth, as the largest global community of researchers in earth systems and social sciences, will work harder to be a more authoritative integrator of that knowledge, contributing insights for transformative change towards a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable future for humanity on Earth.

Johan RockstroĢˆm, Leena Srivastava

Future Earth Advisory Committee Co-chairs